Mother and Baby

Breastfeeding Troubleshooting

Here for you at any stage of your Breastfeeding Journey
From Birth and Beyond

Breastfeeding like anything can have small hills to climb along the way and we're here for you to help you over them.

We will completed a comprehensive breastfeeding assessment with the mother and baby in the comfort of your own home. 

Individual sessions aimed at trouble shooting breastfeeding issues such as but not limited to: 

  • Full, Firm or Engorged breasts

  • Sore, tender, grazed or cracked nipples 

  • Positioning or attachment issues 

  • White nipple blebs 

  • Blocked ducts 

  • Mastitis 

  • Expressing 

  • Low supply 

  • Over supply 

  • Painful let down 

  • Nipple Vasospasm 

  • Previous breast surgery - reduction or augmentation

  • Breast refusal 

  • Baby sleeping at the breast

  • Unsettled baby

  • Poor weight gain

  • Introducing family foods 

  • Teething  ​

  • Returning to work

What to expect from the visit

Lactation consultation

  • Taking a detailed birth, breastfeeding and medical history

  • An assessment of the mother’s breasts and nipples, including baby’s behaviour at the breast

  • Watching a complete breastfeed  and offering help with positioning if necessary

  • Assessing milk transfer

  • A suck assessment - checking baby’s oral anatomy for tongue tie, high palate etc.

  • Help with expressing and whether a breast pump is suitable

  • Education regarding lactation aids

  • Evidence based information / education to empower the mother

  • Working with the mother to find a plan that works for her

  • Helping to track baby’s weight

What will you gain from the visit 

Nurturing Well will assist you by: 

  • Trouble shooting issues as they arise 

  • Providing timely interventions for you and baby 

  • Offering the convenience of coming to your home 

  • Individualising care plan and follow up as required

  • Referral for specialist assessment and intervention as required 


Initial consultation = $250* 

Follow up consultation review= From $90*

Home visit fee $50 

*Medicare rebates available up to 6 weeks and 6 days conditions apply. 

Private health fund rebates available, please contact your private health fund. 

Please call Nurturing well on 0428816280 if booking request time is not available on the booking request. 

Please note: The average engagement is 60-90 minutes which includes consultation and individualised breastfeeding care plan. Engagements lasting longer than 90 minutes are billed in 15 minute increments.