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To help you get to know us and make it easier for you, we thought of some questions for you, but feel free to contact us if you have other questions you would like answered.

COVID-19 pandemic safety issue considerations?

Home visits will be based on individual needs and the current NSW Health advice. A routine risk assessment will be conducted prior to the home visit.  Alternative Telehealth conferencing is also available.

Video/Telehealth or telephone options?

Yes, secure Telehealth conferencing is available on an appointment basis or if Telehealth is not possible,  telephone consults are also an option.

How much do you charge and how do I pay?

There is a base rate for the initial consultation $250 (a potential Medicare rebate to Nurturing Well will be applied for women up to 7 weeks postnatal) - conditions apply. 
Follow up appointment prices will be discussed after initial consultation. 
Please see packages for more information. 
Payments may be made at the appointment with Square Reader, EFTPOS Machine, Bank Transfer or cash whichever is more convenient for you.

Can I claim Lactation support through my Private Health Insurance?

Most private health insurance have postnatal inclusions in the extras packages. Telehealth consultation rebates are also available during the pandemic through most providers. Please contact your own private health insurer for your benefits.

How long is a consultation appointment?

An initial consultation lasts for approximately 60-90 minutes.  
Follow up appointments will be based on each mothers individual needs.

What should I expect and do I need to prepare anything for a Nurturing Well home visit?

The home visit is an opportunity to get to know you and baby, and talk with you about how we can help. Sometimes we need to have a closer look at you and baby and watch you feed baby. 

In preparation for the visit: 

Please let us know:  

  • if you or anyone in the family have been unwell recently

  • any access safety issues

  • where to park safely

  • if there are likely to be other people present 


  • a seat and clean flat surface like a table if we need to lie baby down to have a closer look or weigh baby that would be great.

  • Your Blue Book and Medicare details will also be helpful.

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