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Getting Started

We're there for you from the Beginning
Prenatal to 6 weeks Postpartum

The Getting Started Package is to build your confidence in breastfeeding prior to the birth and support you in the early postnatal period transitioning to the establishment of infant feeding.

What you will receive

  • 1x Antenatal home visit

  • 1x Postnatal home visit

  • 1x Introductory infant massage session (before or after birth)

  • Follow up care by phone, text, email or video 

What to expect 

The initial visit will be driven by your family’s needs and conducted at a pace and in a manner suitable for you. The initial visit will take a minimum of one hour. At the first home visit antenatally we will talk to you about preparing to breastfeed. The purpose of the visit to identify your individual care needs in a non-intrusive manner. 

Antenatally we will talk to you (and your partner) about:

  • How to prepare for breastfeeding

  • The magic of skin to skin

  • Birth discussion on basics of how to get a great breastfeeding start 

  • Normal newborn infant behaviour

  • Who, when and where to seek support advice/help

  • How to know if you are on the right track

  • Guidance on looking after yourself and baby

Postnatally: ​

  • Lactation Consultation - debrief on labour, birth and breastfeeding history

  • Breastfeeding trouble shooting 
  • Responsive soothing 

  • Normal frequency of feeding 

  • ​Normal infant sleep and settling 

  • Breastfeeding support in establishing and maintaining supply 

Guidance on: ​

  • On normal infant growth and development 

  • When to seek help and advice 

What you will gain  

Nurturing Well will assist you by: 

  • Support you in the early days 

  • Building your knowledge and skills in infant feeding 

  • Getting you prepared for when baby comes home 

  • Increasing your confidence in looking after a new baby 

  • Helping you to know who to contact if you need

  • Teaching you about Infant Massage either before or after birth 


Total = $495

Medicare rebates available up to 6 weeks and 6 days * conditions apply  

Private health fund rebates available, please contact your private health fund.